Thursday, November 14, 2013


It is the month of giving thanks and I've been slowly but surely thinking more and more about Thanksgiving. First, it's sad most only really stop to give thanks this month. Giving thanks is something that needs to be practiced year round! Second, I feel like year after year Thanksgiving is becoming a thing of the past. There is holiday music chiming throughout the mall and Black Friday advertisements starting to make their way into our lives. Is it just me or does Black Friday become more important every year than Thanksgiving?

I have and will always put more importance into the day of thanks than the $5 movies I will get later that night at Target. 

A practice I learned this year (or was it last year?) is to switch one word in every action sentence into "get." For example, you can either say "I want (or deserve) a drink of water" to "I get to drink water." Everything in your life from being able to look at a pretty flower to the ability for you to read, you GET to do. You're not entitled to it just as much as I am. Everything we do is a gift we need to give thanks to. 

Notice the small things throughout your day and give thanks: 
  1. When you work a hard homework problem and finally get the right answer.
  2. The way little kids laugh. 
  3. An inspirational video online. 
  4. The cold morning you have been waiting for patiently through the hot days. 
I hope you see my point. 

Give thanks to the small things that bring you happiness. And remember that nothing is just given to you easily, you GET to do those things. 

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