Monday, August 29, 2011


I will admit, I am very tired.

I went to the dentist because my jaw was bothering me and left with a referral to get my wisdom teeth out and no answer really on what was wrong. I went to another dentist the day the pain shot up, and now I'm taking an antibiotic for an infection in my mouth. Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen have filled my stomach for the past week and my stomach isn't really happy. It's amazing how your body just slowly feels more and more tired when you feel sick. On a more positive note, my jaw feels better and I can move it around more.

I'm done with the first week of graduate school and I only have two things that worry me a little. One: the information. I've never studied business before, so to start learning it at a graduate level is proving to be hard. Not only do I need to study more, but I need to keep up with what the corporate and stock world is doing in real life since they are mentioned in class. Two: I'm a baby compared to everyone else. I've asked around and the youngest age I've heard is 27. I say I'm 23, but I'm banking on the fact that I will turn 24 next month. That's a little closer to 27 at least. I've come to terms with the fact I have to try and not let this affect me and focus on the fact that I love the school I'm going to, and even though I feel like I'm in over my head, it's nothing that more studying can't fix. I give myself at least 3 weeks to get fully used to the graduate school setting. It's definitely different!

My sister left for Italy last week as well. For four months. That's all I'll say about that.

Overall, I'm tired. It seems that in my life everything seems to be so calm and then the stressful events have to happen in bundles with 3 or more happening at the same time. After a few tears, some nervous stomach aches, and positive coaching, I feel like I'm at a better place mentally than I was in the middle of last week. It'll take time, but I want you to realize that even through stresses, you have to keep in your mind they will eventually fade. Just knowing that my sister will come back, graduate school will get easier, and my jaw will feel better eases my mind.

In these stressful times, try to do things that relax you! Work on what you can make better and if the stress is there to stay learn to work with it. Write some positive things about your stressful days and realize that God is giving you little happy moments to balance you off.

Choose 3 and write them down.
1. Tyler came to visit me this weekend.
2. I was able to chew food on the painful side of my mouth for the first time in a week yesterday.
3. One of my favorite desserts is in the house and it's a great break in my day to relax.

See! Just get past your bad thoughts and look for the positive ones that seem small. Am I still tired? yes. Am I still a bit stressed? yes. But I know it could be worse if I didn't at least try to change my attitude.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Today for my work orientation our wonderful boss made the new employees take a time management workshop so we are sure we can handle everything that is to come once our job starts. The front of our packet said a little phrase that I thought I would share: 

Time is the coin of your life.
It is the only coin you have
And only you can determine 
How it will be spent.
Be careful lest you let other people
spend it for you.

Do you ever waste a lot of your time or you feel like you don't have enough of it? We all deal with this to a certain extent so today I really looked deeply into how I spend my days and realized that I can make little chances throughout my day to make it feel more fulfilling. In my situation, I have a lot of reading to do, preparing for a new job, and making sure I spend enough time with my family and boyfriend. I don't say this with any air of stress but more of a "wow, there are so many great things in my life and I want to give it my best to all of them."

When it comes to time don't see your problems with it as frustrating. Just learn the little tweaks you need to make to your schedule at least flow a little better.

Get a planner, make "to do lists," tackle hard things first and make your way down. Do whatever works because time is money! It comes and goes no matter how much you want to relive some moments.   

On another note: 
I was just reminiscing doing funny things like making Tyler dress up like a cow with me and my sisters for free chick fil a. 
And thinking about when I see this face because of the things I tell him.  

And me reacting like this. 

Love someone who makes you do this. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have been completely and utterly busy the past few days. Unlike most that would be frustratingly typing this, I write from happiness. Some might disagree, but there's nothing like a full schedule of things that make a difference to lift your spirits.

My classes already have homework with two weeks left before school starts. There is a lot of reading involve in a subject I am not familiar with {our economy and business ventures}. Should be an interesting yet challenging read. Simultaneously to receiving emails and notices on different homework assignments, I started my orientation for a new job!

I am blessed to have been chosen to be a wellness mentor {nutrition and exercise advice} to students with intellectual disabilities. It will be a challenge, but I have to say it's a challenge I know God has put in front of me to learn and thrive from. It's amazing how just when I was saddened by the fact I wouldn't be studying nutrition anymore, this opportunity presented itself where I would be practicing it everyday.

The last few months since I've graduated, I decided to give my plans to God. He knows what He has in store for me and if I trust in my own hard work and His, my life's path will eventually pave its way. Ever since I've been really praying over each opportunity given to me and choosing the one's that I knew He felt were right for me, everything has worked out!

Needless to say, this does not mean my days are perfect. At night, I go to sleep a little earlier than before because I'm tired. Every now and then during the day I feel my acid reflux rush up my throat because I feel stressed. But do you know how much I would rather have this feeling than one of not fulfilling anything?

Maybe you have some things that really stress you out. But realize if those things you call "burdens" are really gifts and little challenges to make you a better person. Our culture makes us stress over everything put on our plate and that's okay, as long as you have it under control and use it to better yourself. If something is stressing you in an over the top way, analyze it and figure out if it's something you really should be and is worth doing.

Since I want to keep it lighthearted and I rarely have included photos here's one of this weekend. Tyler's birthday was on Sunday and I visited him for the weekend. This whole long distance thing is a challenge, but I'm starting to realize little by little I think that maybe God is doing this on purpose so I can have some time to truly focus on myself and my own life goals.

Happy Birthday Tyler!