Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ever so often I relax to the point that my mind wanders and an epiphany arises. I'll admit the usual epiphany that enters my mind is "wow, life is short and I only have one." It sends me into a motivational spiral, sending me to the best sources on happiness, success, and overall life strategies. 

The most recent epiphany I had let me to the Positivity Blog. One word: obsessed. I actually came across it while researching for a workshop I'm creating for the students at work. As I researched, the epiphany arose and my yearning to suck all of the positive information from this site grew. 

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed reading all of these tips because I want to remember them all. I wish my mind were a sponge that can just hold all of these tips in. Out of all of the things I read, I think this is a great way to start off learning more about positivity: 

4 common roadblocks of being positive 

1. Being surrounded by negativity
2. You think you have to be optimistic 100% of the time 
3. You get stuck because of the benefits of negativity
4. You don't exercise, which helps the mind. 

Before you make a change towards bettering your mind, you need to understand why it is you make negative choices. If you don't know why exactly you think the way you do, then when you work on yourself you'll just be covering the negativity, but it'll still be there below all the new things. Once you understand the reasoning behind why you do what you do, even the bad, you can start changing that instead of just reading a book about positivity and hoping the words fly out of the book and change you. 

For example, you tend to be negative and realize that when people console you, you really enjoy it. Then you think to yourself "maybe I think negatively so people can pay attention to me and console me." The problem doesn't end up being negativity as much as it is an attention issue. Which leads you to ponder "why do I want attention?" At the end of the conversation with yourself, you might realize that the reason you're negative sometimes is because you want some attention to help your self esteem or de-stress you. If you figure this deeper problem out, you can work towards that in a positive manner and form a habit of learning more about yourself as well as your habits. 

In the end this is a process on improving yourself. So get to know everything that makes you tick. It'll make all your hard work on improving that much more worthwhile and authentic. Learn a lot but most importantly, have fun!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I don't know how it is where you live, but here in Jacksonville, everyone seems to be getting a cold. The minute I hear someone sniffle or talk in a lower slow voice, I step back one foot to avoid germs. I've been able to follow rules I put on myself to avoid getting sick, but today I woke up a little "sniffly." It's so hard to try and sanitize everything because you eventually forget a doorknob, laugh to close to someone's face, or hold hands with someone who isn't showing symptoms yet but has a cold brewing inside of them. 

Even though I might be getting a cold as I type this, I'm the last person to get it because I followed some great tips to keep myself healthy. You've heard some before, but it's worth repeating since all I see is people getting sick. Either you don't listen, don't think the tips will work, or just don't care, but I'll feel better knowing I tried giving you advice on how to prevent yourself from getting a cold. 

Wash your hands. 30 seconds.
Use wipes to sanitize work areas and doorknobs.
Take a multivitamin or a heavy dose of Vitamin C.
Take a nice shower after work to relax and wash off germs.
In addition to washing hands, anti-bacterialize them as well.
Don't speak close to someone's face who is sick. 
Tell the person coughing to cough into their arm and not their hand. 
Sleep and exercise.
Don't touch your face. 
Drink a lot of fluids.  

If you notice a lot of these tips are already practiced by healthy people. I'd like to point out once again an advantage to being healthy. 

You get sick less

When I was at my healthiest, I went 2 whole years without getting sick. I listened to my body, exercised daily, ate wonderfully, and paid attention to the positive state of my mind. Since then, the typical "I'm busy" and "There's more important things on my plate" excuses started. Well when those excuses started, so did a cold. Sometimes people don't notice that the time they think they are saving making quicker unhealthier choices is actually costing you more time in the future than you think. 1 hour of exercise each day and packing a lunch can save you from 2 weeks of a cold where you can't perform at your best. Think about it. Even if you don't care getting a cold, can you please care enough to sanitize after yourself so others don't get sick? 

It's all about being healthy today! Take care of yourself at least today. See how that works out for you. 

Monday, October 17, 2011


I love to write and have always thought that it might be my calling. But when I think about how often I actually write I doubt whether or not it might be a purpose. In my analytical mind, I tried to analyze why this is so. I think that I do love to write and I should venture out to see if it's my true calling, but I'm missing something: motivation.
I've always had a tough time doing anything that might require even a pinch of motivation. Things have come easily for me, but the best things are discovered through working towards them. As I get older and get to know myself more, I'm instantly working harder on things that motivate me.
 For example, through my appendectomy I lost some weight and made it to my "ideal body weight." Ever since I look and feel how I want to look {and not how everyone else wants me to look}, I instantly am filled with motivation to keep being healthy and take good care of my body. What a perfect example of how something considered typically considered negative {a surgery} can reap a reward in your life.

In a less deep thinking sense, Fall has made its way into my life, which means new outfits! I don't consider myself fashionable in any way, but I do love to pay attention to how I look and present myself.

My scarf holder is ready to go with my favorite scarves for fall!

My mom took advantage of an amazing sale at Old Navy this past weekend and let me choose from the pile of clothes what I wanted. I liked this color green {even though I feel like sometimes when I wear green it makes me look sick} and this nautically inspired sweater.

I've been shopping a lot at Michaels recently due to two reasons:
1. I'm in a crafting phase right now
2. I keep getting fabulous coupons!
With a 50% off coupon I bought this stamp kit that enables me to make my own stamps!

I tried it out first with Tyler and I's initials with a cute circle.

I didn't distribute the ink evenly, but for my first attempt at "stamping" I think I did well! Practice makes perfect of course.

On the school front, there are no new updates that deem exciting enough. Unless you want to hear about GDP, the Federal Reserve, and embezzlement, there's nothing. I'll stop there.
Work is amazing! I truly enjoy helping students have an amazing experience in college that they wouldn't have otherwise if the program didn't exist. I actually have a job that I'm excited to go to in the morning and I feel truly blessed for that. It's sad when I think of the millions of people that don't have the same experience. I will make sure that when I pave my way into my career life, success will be measured by happiness and not wealth.

With happiness comes wealth. Not the other way around. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Is TV making girls mean?

I watched a news story about this and thought I would say my own two cents about the issue.

TV is so readily available, which is great, but can cause problems if they get into the wrong hands. Girls, especially teenage girls, are in the years where they are forming into themselves and really using what they see as a learning tool, and in this case a learning weapon. Some girls do realize that the friendships they see on TV aren't really friendships, but others aren't so lucky. Parents have a big role in showing their daughters what a good basis for a friendship is versus what isn't. Shows like Mean Girls, Gossip Girl, Bad Girls Club, and Jersey Shore are just a few of the shows that have scenes of girls fighting verbally and even physically. 

With fighting, there are two differences: physical violence and relational aggression. We all know what the first one means and the second one suggests overall meanness and aggression towards people you have a relationship with. Usually we tend to see more of the relational aggression in shows. In my own personal experience, I think the fact that I had a close relationship with my parents and they taught me really early on how to treat others, these shows were a shock when I first saw them. Yes, I'll admit I've seen one of the shows I listed earlier, but only a few episodes. The difference with me and maybe another girl, however, is that when I watched the show, my personality and way I treat others did not change. I already knew before watching the show that the behaviors exemplified in it were not correct. Other girls are not so lucky. 

Nowadays bullying is so prevalent and these shows are one of the many reasons this trend has come about. I'll tell you this much: being mean to others isn't right and no ones wins {even when you think you do because you're being cool putting someone down}. Can you imagine how things would be if bullying weren't so prevalent: people would invite the whole class to their birthday party, you wouldn't be scared in choosing your lunch table, you would have friends with different interests and backgrounds and mesh well, and most of all you wouldn't ever be scared to be yourself. 

I know that we can't cut bullying completely out of our lives because some people are too far into the trend. But, we can definitely lower it. Girls, stop fighting and saying mean things about each other. Just because someone's opinions and ways of being are different than yours, then take them as "different" and not "wrong." If someone is rude to you, brush it off. {Hint: that annoys the bully even more than fighting back}. 

"1 out of 4 kids is Bullied. An American Justice Department school bullying statistics and cyber bullying statistics studies shows that this month 1 out of every 4 kids will be abused by another youth."

As you can see my post started off as a rant about TV shows and ended up talking about bullying. But that's just how popular this topic is and how everyday things make you think about the problem overall. Something as small as a 30 minute show can cause statistics like the one above. Let's stop bullying! And I'm not saying don't watch those shows. If you like it, watch it. Just have a mindset before watching it, knowing that the attitudes and actions of mean women on TV are wrong. 

Here are some TV shows I watch where I haven't seen a lot of fighting: 
Rachel Zoe Project
Extreme Home Makeover
anything on the Food Network
Cupcake Wars

Wow, there aren't a lot :( 

Monday, October 3, 2011

thank you

Since my recovery is almost over {or at least I feel that way}, I am finally looking back on photos and reminiscing over the last week. I have concluded that I have such wonderful friends and family. It was a coincidence I had surgery the same week I celebrated my birthday, and I have to admit not once did I feel sad because of this. I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday and didn't even go downstairs in my house. People came to visit me straight to my room, brought me foods they knew I would be able to eat, and went out of their way to call/text me.

birthday cookies and cupcakes

THE BEST SURPRISE: Tyler came to visit me! I honestly did not think he would come and didn't ask him if he was coming for fear of getting upset. I let things ride and appreciated anything Tyler was going to offer me as comfort and birthday wishes. I did not know this meant surprising me at my door with flowers and two balloons {a get well soon and happy birthday one}

The people at work made me a wonderfully big card and it took me a couple of minutes to read all the wonderful notes people wrote. I still have it in my room and will keep it for a long time!

The number one person I want to thank is my mom! She was so amazing these days making me wonderful meals for my "all liquid" diet and just being with me through the good and bad times. It was a great bonding experience!
Here's an example of the wonderful meals she would make me {from scratch!}

I felt so loved that the only appropriate thing was to start writing thank you cards. I'm still writing them because I try to make thank you cards personal and truly come from my heart. And of course they take longer because I have to make my own and not buy them. Oh my crafty self! I've definitely been in a crafty mood lately, which I think is due to the long hours staying at home. I'm definitely not complaining at the things I've learned staying at home.  

Another thing I learned at home was to truly appreciate nature. The days here have been amazing lately: low 70s and no clouds in sight. I LOVE fall and I can definitely say it is my favorite season. Here is a photo I took quickly with my phone of a beautiful rainbow my family spotted arriving at home. 

To say this surgery was an experience for me doesn't do it justice. Even though there were painful moments I learned that: 

1. I am considered really healthy {according to the doctor and nurses}
2. I take being outside for granted. I need to get outside and smell the fresh air more.
3. I have such a giving and wonderful boyfriend 
{I knew this. This experience just made him look even better!}
4. I love doing crafts. I should do them more often.
5. My family and friends are very giving and thoughtful.
6. With every experience you might deem "negative" you can always twist it to be something positive. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I have read all of the great raves about Pinterest and now I am finally jumping on the bandwagon. I love the idea of having all of my design interests that float around in my brain neatly organized into one website. I always have ideas and different projects I want to try but either end up forgetting or not remembering what website or book I found them in. My crafty self is thanking me for finding this amazing website.

For later, just so you know, the direct link is also on this blog.