Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Candy

The day after Halloween when all the candy has been counted by your trick-o-treaters, you are left with a big bag of temptation that seems to stare at you throughout the day shouting "eat me. I taste so good!" It can be extremely tempting to eat Halloween candy throughout the day, especially today, so I made a quick list of advice to help you not gain the unwanted 1 - 3 pounds this candy can easily help you gain.

1. If it's in the house, the chances of you eating it will go up tremendously. 
This goes the same for any type of food where you are in the same scenario. If you go to the grocery store and buy Cheetos for example, that is you making the choice of bringing the junk into your house for you to eventually eat. Your healthy choices start in the grocery store. Now, when it comes to Halloween if you don't have children, you'll be fine. Just steer away from candy at 1) work  2)whatever party you choose to go to 3) the bucket of candy to give out to trick or treaters. If you do have children, have them count their candy, eat some, and then figure out quickly what to do with the rest.

2. Actually eat some of the candy.

In my house, we put the candy in a plastic box and allow ourselves to eat the candy at certain times (for example, we can get a candy out of a box on a Saturday night after a great dinner out with friends). If you completely deprive yourself of something, you will more than likely reach a point where the craving wins and you find yourself with a mouth full of chocolate wondering how you got there. Figure out a time that works for you to indulge and let yourself eat a candy. Maybe it could be every Wednesday you come home from work because you're tired of working. Maybe it could be on Thursdays while you're watching Grey's Anatomy. Make candy a reward for you. That one candy you decide to eat will taste so much better when you feel like you'v earned it.

3. Give the candy away. 

If you have children, you might want to at least store some of the candy for later. But if the candy you have in your home is from work, party, or the bucket you used to hand out the candy, give it away! Be charitable :) Take it to a dentist, homeless shelter, to work to hand out to coworkers. Some dentists even offer money for your candy. Check out this website to see if there's a dentist near you who will offer you cash for money. I bet you know someone or some organization where you can give the candy away. Keep some for yourself and then the rest goes away!

4.  Change your sweet cravings.

When you're craving candy, stop to listen to your body and see what it really needs. Our bodies crave the simple sugars in candy as a way to quickly replenish our body to make it function. Your body isn't craving the candy at all, it's craving the sugar.

a) First, check to see if you need protein in your body. Your cravings could be your body calling out for proteins.
b) Replace any temptation with fruit. (Remember though, every once in a while you can eat that candy)
c) Read the labels. Whenever you do let yourself eat the candy, eat one with less sugars. That just means go ahead and pick three candies you want to eat, look at the grams of sugar on the label, and eat the one with the least sugar.

5. If you are having a super hard time staying away from candy, eat one and then brush your teeth. The minty taste will make all other candy taste super bad.

The key is to remember that candy is not your enemy, it's the quantity that is. Candy is meant to be indulged. Just be smart about your candy-eating decisions and you will be fine!

On another note, here's a pretty  message to get you through your day.

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