Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Act on it

"Those that seek shall find; to those that knock the door shall be opened."

As I sit sometimes in my room looking out my window wondering what my path is, I realize that nothing is going to happen watching raindrops faintly drop on a small lake. I read a book recently that comprised of ten rules on how to be successful and one stood out to me: "Act on it." Three small words with an immense meaning.

It's amazing what happens once you just decide to act on something the minute you feel the vibe to then sit by your window staring out into space pondering whether to make every decision. The more you meddle in the "yes or no" factor of every decision, you will realize how many opportunities you don't end up going through. Over the last few months since a worry about my purpose and path in life has engulfed me, I vowed to take whatever opportunity came my way that made sense towards my future.

Now, I am starting my master's in August from persistent emails and two applications. My relationship is thriving from the constant growing that I'm letting happen to it. I'm going to the gym and my body is thanking me. I will admit I doubted applying to graduate school twice, talking to my boyfriend about deep topics, and going to sweat for an hour at a gym. But when I just acted on it, things just flowed smoothly.

There is no lack of troubles and tribulations as you try more and more things. But there also isn't a lack of rewards. Motivate yourself to see what's possible in your life.

I am a sinner, I am faulty, and I am in no way perfect. So even as I am now, I still find happiness and things work out for me in ways I couldn't imagine. All you have to do is act. If you wake up in the morning and vow to do yoga for twenty minutes, get up and without thinking put on your clothes and start. Before you know it, it's over and the small sweat and annoying twenty minutes will reward you with a better healthier body.

Make a list of goals you want to complete in one day. 
Reward yourself for acting on it. 
Go to sleep knowing you completed something you genuinely wanted to. 
Do it for you.

Health tip: if you find yourself feeling nauseous when doing high intensity cardio, find a way to substitute the exercise with something else that works the same muscles. For example, if you can't run half a mile without feeling dizzy and sick to your stomach, walk on an incline instead on a treadmill. Just because you feel sick doesn't mean you're not good at exercising. It just means that when you run, your body reacts differently than it does to someone else. We all have different bodies so don't let anyone make you think that because they can run and you can't, that you're worse off. It just means you have to turn around and walk towards another workout. As long as you sweat, your muscles ache the first few days, and you start feeling "tighter" around your muscles, IT'S WORKING. 

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