Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have been completely and utterly busy the past few days. Unlike most that would be frustratingly typing this, I write from happiness. Some might disagree, but there's nothing like a full schedule of things that make a difference to lift your spirits.

My classes already have homework with two weeks left before school starts. There is a lot of reading involve in a subject I am not familiar with {our economy and business ventures}. Should be an interesting yet challenging read. Simultaneously to receiving emails and notices on different homework assignments, I started my orientation for a new job!

I am blessed to have been chosen to be a wellness mentor {nutrition and exercise advice} to students with intellectual disabilities. It will be a challenge, but I have to say it's a challenge I know God has put in front of me to learn and thrive from. It's amazing how just when I was saddened by the fact I wouldn't be studying nutrition anymore, this opportunity presented itself where I would be practicing it everyday.

The last few months since I've graduated, I decided to give my plans to God. He knows what He has in store for me and if I trust in my own hard work and His, my life's path will eventually pave its way. Ever since I've been really praying over each opportunity given to me and choosing the one's that I knew He felt were right for me, everything has worked out!

Needless to say, this does not mean my days are perfect. At night, I go to sleep a little earlier than before because I'm tired. Every now and then during the day I feel my acid reflux rush up my throat because I feel stressed. But do you know how much I would rather have this feeling than one of not fulfilling anything?

Maybe you have some things that really stress you out. But realize if those things you call "burdens" are really gifts and little challenges to make you a better person. Our culture makes us stress over everything put on our plate and that's okay, as long as you have it under control and use it to better yourself. If something is stressing you in an over the top way, analyze it and figure out if it's something you really should be and is worth doing.

Since I want to keep it lighthearted and I rarely have included photos here's one of this weekend. Tyler's birthday was on Sunday and I visited him for the weekend. This whole long distance thing is a challenge, but I'm starting to realize little by little I think that maybe God is doing this on purpose so I can have some time to truly focus on myself and my own life goals.

Happy Birthday Tyler!

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