Monday, October 17, 2011


I love to write and have always thought that it might be my calling. But when I think about how often I actually write I doubt whether or not it might be a purpose. In my analytical mind, I tried to analyze why this is so. I think that I do love to write and I should venture out to see if it's my true calling, but I'm missing something: motivation.
I've always had a tough time doing anything that might require even a pinch of motivation. Things have come easily for me, but the best things are discovered through working towards them. As I get older and get to know myself more, I'm instantly working harder on things that motivate me.
 For example, through my appendectomy I lost some weight and made it to my "ideal body weight." Ever since I look and feel how I want to look {and not how everyone else wants me to look}, I instantly am filled with motivation to keep being healthy and take good care of my body. What a perfect example of how something considered typically considered negative {a surgery} can reap a reward in your life.

In a less deep thinking sense, Fall has made its way into my life, which means new outfits! I don't consider myself fashionable in any way, but I do love to pay attention to how I look and present myself.

My scarf holder is ready to go with my favorite scarves for fall!

My mom took advantage of an amazing sale at Old Navy this past weekend and let me choose from the pile of clothes what I wanted. I liked this color green {even though I feel like sometimes when I wear green it makes me look sick} and this nautically inspired sweater.

I've been shopping a lot at Michaels recently due to two reasons:
1. I'm in a crafting phase right now
2. I keep getting fabulous coupons!
With a 50% off coupon I bought this stamp kit that enables me to make my own stamps!

I tried it out first with Tyler and I's initials with a cute circle.

I didn't distribute the ink evenly, but for my first attempt at "stamping" I think I did well! Practice makes perfect of course.

On the school front, there are no new updates that deem exciting enough. Unless you want to hear about GDP, the Federal Reserve, and embezzlement, there's nothing. I'll stop there.
Work is amazing! I truly enjoy helping students have an amazing experience in college that they wouldn't have otherwise if the program didn't exist. I actually have a job that I'm excited to go to in the morning and I feel truly blessed for that. It's sad when I think of the millions of people that don't have the same experience. I will make sure that when I pave my way into my career life, success will be measured by happiness and not wealth.

With happiness comes wealth. Not the other way around. 

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