Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ever so often I relax to the point that my mind wanders and an epiphany arises. I'll admit the usual epiphany that enters my mind is "wow, life is short and I only have one." It sends me into a motivational spiral, sending me to the best sources on happiness, success, and overall life strategies. 

The most recent epiphany I had let me to the Positivity Blog. One word: obsessed. I actually came across it while researching for a workshop I'm creating for the students at work. As I researched, the epiphany arose and my yearning to suck all of the positive information from this site grew. 

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed reading all of these tips because I want to remember them all. I wish my mind were a sponge that can just hold all of these tips in. Out of all of the things I read, I think this is a great way to start off learning more about positivity: 

4 common roadblocks of being positive 

1. Being surrounded by negativity
2. You think you have to be optimistic 100% of the time 
3. You get stuck because of the benefits of negativity
4. You don't exercise, which helps the mind. 

Before you make a change towards bettering your mind, you need to understand why it is you make negative choices. If you don't know why exactly you think the way you do, then when you work on yourself you'll just be covering the negativity, but it'll still be there below all the new things. Once you understand the reasoning behind why you do what you do, even the bad, you can start changing that instead of just reading a book about positivity and hoping the words fly out of the book and change you. 

For example, you tend to be negative and realize that when people console you, you really enjoy it. Then you think to yourself "maybe I think negatively so people can pay attention to me and console me." The problem doesn't end up being negativity as much as it is an attention issue. Which leads you to ponder "why do I want attention?" At the end of the conversation with yourself, you might realize that the reason you're negative sometimes is because you want some attention to help your self esteem or de-stress you. If you figure this deeper problem out, you can work towards that in a positive manner and form a habit of learning more about yourself as well as your habits. 

In the end this is a process on improving yourself. So get to know everything that makes you tick. It'll make all your hard work on improving that much more worthwhile and authentic. Learn a lot but most importantly, have fun!

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