Monday, October 3, 2011

thank you

Since my recovery is almost over {or at least I feel that way}, I am finally looking back on photos and reminiscing over the last week. I have concluded that I have such wonderful friends and family. It was a coincidence I had surgery the same week I celebrated my birthday, and I have to admit not once did I feel sad because of this. I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday and didn't even go downstairs in my house. People came to visit me straight to my room, brought me foods they knew I would be able to eat, and went out of their way to call/text me.

birthday cookies and cupcakes

THE BEST SURPRISE: Tyler came to visit me! I honestly did not think he would come and didn't ask him if he was coming for fear of getting upset. I let things ride and appreciated anything Tyler was going to offer me as comfort and birthday wishes. I did not know this meant surprising me at my door with flowers and two balloons {a get well soon and happy birthday one}

The people at work made me a wonderfully big card and it took me a couple of minutes to read all the wonderful notes people wrote. I still have it in my room and will keep it for a long time!

The number one person I want to thank is my mom! She was so amazing these days making me wonderful meals for my "all liquid" diet and just being with me through the good and bad times. It was a great bonding experience!
Here's an example of the wonderful meals she would make me {from scratch!}

I felt so loved that the only appropriate thing was to start writing thank you cards. I'm still writing them because I try to make thank you cards personal and truly come from my heart. And of course they take longer because I have to make my own and not buy them. Oh my crafty self! I've definitely been in a crafty mood lately, which I think is due to the long hours staying at home. I'm definitely not complaining at the things I've learned staying at home.  

Another thing I learned at home was to truly appreciate nature. The days here have been amazing lately: low 70s and no clouds in sight. I LOVE fall and I can definitely say it is my favorite season. Here is a photo I took quickly with my phone of a beautiful rainbow my family spotted arriving at home. 

To say this surgery was an experience for me doesn't do it justice. Even though there were painful moments I learned that: 

1. I am considered really healthy {according to the doctor and nurses}
2. I take being outside for granted. I need to get outside and smell the fresh air more.
3. I have such a giving and wonderful boyfriend 
{I knew this. This experience just made him look even better!}
4. I love doing crafts. I should do them more often.
5. My family and friends are very giving and thoughtful.
6. With every experience you might deem "negative" you can always twist it to be something positive. 

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