Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I don't know how it is where you live, but here in Jacksonville, everyone seems to be getting a cold. The minute I hear someone sniffle or talk in a lower slow voice, I step back one foot to avoid germs. I've been able to follow rules I put on myself to avoid getting sick, but today I woke up a little "sniffly." It's so hard to try and sanitize everything because you eventually forget a doorknob, laugh to close to someone's face, or hold hands with someone who isn't showing symptoms yet but has a cold brewing inside of them. 

Even though I might be getting a cold as I type this, I'm the last person to get it because I followed some great tips to keep myself healthy. You've heard some before, but it's worth repeating since all I see is people getting sick. Either you don't listen, don't think the tips will work, or just don't care, but I'll feel better knowing I tried giving you advice on how to prevent yourself from getting a cold. 

Wash your hands. 30 seconds.
Use wipes to sanitize work areas and doorknobs.
Take a multivitamin or a heavy dose of Vitamin C.
Take a nice shower after work to relax and wash off germs.
In addition to washing hands, anti-bacterialize them as well.
Don't speak close to someone's face who is sick. 
Tell the person coughing to cough into their arm and not their hand. 
Sleep and exercise.
Don't touch your face. 
Drink a lot of fluids.  

If you notice a lot of these tips are already practiced by healthy people. I'd like to point out once again an advantage to being healthy. 

You get sick less

When I was at my healthiest, I went 2 whole years without getting sick. I listened to my body, exercised daily, ate wonderfully, and paid attention to the positive state of my mind. Since then, the typical "I'm busy" and "There's more important things on my plate" excuses started. Well when those excuses started, so did a cold. Sometimes people don't notice that the time they think they are saving making quicker unhealthier choices is actually costing you more time in the future than you think. 1 hour of exercise each day and packing a lunch can save you from 2 weeks of a cold where you can't perform at your best. Think about it. Even if you don't care getting a cold, can you please care enough to sanitize after yourself so others don't get sick? 

It's all about being healthy today! Take care of yourself at least today. See how that works out for you. 

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