Saturday, November 19, 2011


This is what I love for the fall season…

1. The best part about these pair of boots is the emblem. So pretty and simplistic, yet makes a big statement because it's gold. 
2. I love this idea of taking really nice paper, typing up the menu you're serving at a party, and making it your napkin/silverware holder. This time of the year is full of get togethers and I am thankful for them. 
3. This dress, you might not be able to tell, is all lace. So delicate looking. 
4. I like the style of layering simple bracelets. I haven't pulled it off myself yet, but definitely plan on trying this season. If it doesn't look good I can just slip my sweater sleeve right over them. 
5. Pumpkin Spice Latte: I like two coffees in this wonderful world, this is one of them.
6. Recently I decided to stop biting my nails when I get nervous and as a reward, every two weeks I go to a nail salon to paint my new longer and stronger nails. This is the color I always go for. It looks so classy and when they chip you can't tell as much as if I had put on a darker color. 

Always be proud of what you love. If you don't love the new style of shoes one season, for example, how do you know the people who own them really love it themselves? Are they just wearing them because of popularity? I'd rather just focus on finding things I love and forming my unique style. Who knows, maybe one day all those people pretending to love things, will pretend to love my things. 

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