Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today is Saturday.

Time to relax and have fun with my family. For work, I sometimes have to do things on Saturday but this is the first weekend in a while I'm not traveling or working. It's weird to wake up and not know what I'm going to do. I was going to say it's weird not having a to-do list, but within two hours there will probably be one stuck on my laptop {whoever says to-do lists are only to write down work related things is totally wrong}. 

On my spare time, since now I have it I've been spending it watching some speeches on….

It's a website comprised of different speeches ranging from the informative to persuasive. I personally like the "inspiring" tab since I love listening to speeches that motivate me. I sometimes think after I watch a speech that made a difference in my mind, where I'd be if I hadn't watched it. For example, if I watch Steve Jobs' famous motivational commencement speech, I am filled with joy and a yearning to live my life to the fullest. Then I think "wow, how would my day have gone if I would've just chosen to watch tv or sit around and not watch this speech?" This makes me want to take opportunities and go out of my way to show myself motivational things. 

In other news, I've decided what I'm giving to family friends for Christmas presents. Don't worry I won't reveal much because I like secrecy with presents. As for my own list, it's not that long: a new cell phone and a bike. Does that make me sound 16 or what!? 

Here is a hint of the present…
I'm excited to give this present and it definitely matches my personality. 

I love to think of everyone's presents super early because it is such a relief to know I have it all done while I watch frantic procrastinators rush through the store trying to see if their present ideas are still even available. I am no procrastinator! 

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