Thursday, November 10, 2011


Every now and then as I'm reading a book, blog,  or article I come across a verse I absolutely love. Today I was skimming a post over at Jones Design Company and came across this beautiful verse. I'll admit I have a problem comparing myself to others. It's a constant struggle I try to deal with and I have to say over the years I've gotten so much better at honoring myself and loving who I am. I'm almost 100% there!

At this point now, I don't compare myself too much to anyone anymore. It feels so liberating and it makes my own decisions great since I'm not taking the time to make sure everyone is okay with it. I'm at the age where I need to make huge decisions and it is so important that I learn not to depend on other's opinions and copy them before I end up living a grown up life that isn't even mine! I'm telling you, try today not to look at others in a way of jealousy or spite. Look within yourself at how wonderful you are!

Here is the verse:

“Stop comparing yourself to other people. When you compare yourself to others, you end up either feeling that you’re better than they are, or feeling bad about yourself. Neither of those things is what I want for you.
I created each of My children with unique talents. And I have given each of you your own road to follow. So it is useless to compare yourself to someone else – that person has a completely different path to follow.
When you want to feel good about yourself, remember how much I love you. Remember that I made you just the way I want you to be. And remember that I died so you could have My salvation. You are a jewel in My crown.”
So, what's been going on in my own life? 

 I've been admiring nature.

Using this experience as a catalyst to truly enjoy life and realize that any day something could happen with my health.

Sending Tyler cute lists about men, love, and life.

Doing crafts! Wow, I did not know how much a craft could make me happy. I bought a stamp set from Michael's and I am constantly using their coupons to build up my craft space. It's so nice to know that a lot of things in my room I made and that whenever I give a note, card, or present, that it took effort to make it and truly came from the heart.

Tyler and I went on a day trip to Savannah last time he came to visit and boy did we have fun. I have just as much fun here as I do in a place like Orlando where things are built especially for fun. Savannah is beautiful, historic, unique, and full of people. It's a wonderful atmosphere and only two hours away! Tyler says his next goal is for us to take a food tour {better start exercising now}.

As for cooking, I haven't done a lot. But a couple of days ago I made cinnamon toast cupcakes and they were really good. I'm not trying to brag at all here, but I gobbled some up and am so happy to know one of my favorite cereals can be incorporated into my favorite thing to bake. 

One of my friends told me I should start selling them. If you've been a reader of my blogs for a while, you know I've thought about this before. I haven't delved into the endeavor yet, but no worries because I have done the first step {researching} towards figuring out if a little cupcake business is worth it. I don't have a lot of hours in the day with work and school so I have to make sure I can do it! 

Happy Thursday. May you go out into your day loving yourself and being happy. 

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