Monday, November 21, 2011


This weekend I have to say I did nothing towards school and work. Well, I sent one email. At first I was upset because I wasn't getting anything done, but then I realized that sometimes rest is needed in order to come back to your bigger priorities with full force. The quote in my positivity book for today is above and it exemplifies how you need to think of the things you need to do in your day and prioritize.

For example, today I have a coupon for Michael's I want to use as well as continuing to write a diet plan for someone I told myself I'd finish by Thanksgiving. The deadline for the coupon is sooner, but the intricate diet I have to write takes priority. Michael's can wait if I don't have any time today.

We unconsciously make these decisions everyday so it's easy to get caught up in giving the wrong things a more important priority. If your child {and in my case sister} comes up to you and asks to play with you but you're busy writing an email, unless that email has to be sent in the next 10 minutes, stop for a second and play with that child.

Life flies by QUICKLY. How do you want to spend your day? Knowing you completed every errand or really paid attention to yourself and your family?

On another note, guess what recipe I looked up?

Cake pops are so wonderful. In a way, I'm sad that my theory of how they are made lived up to itself due to the fact now I know how "junky" they are. But I'm still eating them! For you health nuts, this is a great dessert for you. It may be packed with sugar, but the portion is so small if you only eat one. Great indulgence! Can't wait to make them.

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