Tuesday, November 15, 2011


When I'm not in a phase of laziness, writing takes up a lot of my time. 

I have a journal to record my innermost thoughts {I write mostly positive since I want my kids to read this one day}.
I write a post-it daily on what things I need to accomplish. 
I write thank you notes and just thinking of you notes and send them in the mail. Let me tell you something, people still appreciate getting letters in the mail. 

Catch the pattern of writing? It's such a beautiful thing and I believe in it so much because I didn't use to write in English. When I learned the new language I realized the importance of being able to communicate effectively and really appreciate words! I sound dorky. Whatever. 

My new two obsessions with words are quotes and making lists. So with further ado, here are my current lists to complete: 
I am so excited for Christmas I can't contain it. I'm starting my Christmas wish list as well as my "giving" list. No revealings yet of what will go on these. 

And as for quotes: 
I'm OBSESSED with this one right now. For me to stay positive, I need to constantly work on it. That means reading quotes, listening to upbeat music, and mentally coaching myself all day. I have my setbacks sometimes, and the littlest things can set me off, but little note cards like this help tremendously. This quote comes from a book my sister gave me last year for my birthday that has a new quote for every day. Tomorrow's lesson:

I have the power to transform the mediocre into the magnificent

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