Saturday, September 24, 2011

10 favorite fonts

As you can tell, I love using cute fonts in my posts. I either found them here or went straight to the website here. I always like to see how I can make my posts different then others and a great looking font is a step towards that direction.

Pea Lovey Dovey

Claudia Jean


Eight Fifteen

House Sitter's Club

Little Days

Modern No. 20

Pea Lauren France

Pea Quinny

Three Date,s, One Night

The actual font I use in my blog posts all the time is Georgia. It's so sleek and simple, and I LOVE simple things! Having a good set of fonts is great to use for writing letters, printing out invitations, sending fun emails, and a lot of different craft projects. 

… use your first letter of your name and make a monogramed art print.

... sign your name at the end of each email with a cute twist.

… send your sweetheart a handwritten note to school or work as a surprise. 

… spice up your blog.

… make labels, invitations, notes, and projects look more personalized. 

I can think of countless reasons why unique fonts are great! Try downloading them to your computer. If you have trouble and have a Mac computer such as myself I found a tutorial on how to download these fonts here. This page describes what to do after you've downloaded it from the website I linked above. Enjoy. 

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  1. Fonts! Sweet. is a great place to grab fonts, and when I am looking for a certain font that is the first place I look. Typography is soo awesome! Check out a sample I did a few years back.