Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I might not be blogging as much due to the fact I had an unexpected appendectomy last night. It started off as abdominal pain and after a cat scan was taken I was told I had appendicitis.

So here's the timeline
1- stomach ache begins. I think I'm hungry.
230- starting to feel I might have a stomach gas.
330- more intense pain that radiates my entire stomach.
500- starting to ask my mom to come home from a baby shower because pain is now on right side of my body. I think its a spastic colon. My back hurts and my stomach is tender to the touch.
600- pain is unbearable. I'm shaking, nauseous, feel like I'm running a slight fever. I can't breathe in all the way from the pain and can't cry because it hurts too much. I walk slowly to relieve pain which helps a tiny bit but walking makes me dizzy and nauseous.
700- a family friend who is an internal medicine doctor comes to check up on me. Before she arrives I tell my mom something I've never said " I think I might have to go to the hospital." take note I have worked at a hospital but never been a patient in one.
730- as my family friend is touching my abdomen she presses a certain spot on my right lower side that hurts so bad I had to push her hand away. It felt like a little knife was poking into my organs.
800- arrive at hospital after making sure little sister is in good hands.she thinks she's going on a playdate and I'm going to check something at the doctors.
830- I'm already hooked up to an IV and the take a blood test.

1000- nurse brings in two water bottles with what looks like Crystal Light in them. It's iodine to get a cat scan. It weirdly tastes okay and I drink both in less than an hour under instructions given to do so. I start peeing every 20 minutes from the saline solution given to me through IV. (my fingers are still bloated from all the liquid as I type this.)
1120- time to get cat scan. I go to a room being pushed in my bed, which the nurse tries to be funny and say I'm getting VIP treatment.
1130- cat scan is over. It only lasts like three minutes. They inject you with an iodine contrast that feels warm as it goes in so of course it made me want to pee pretty bad.
1200- I find out I have appendicitis and I'm in shock because I still thought it was a stomach gas that just got stuck somewhere. Surgery is within an hour.

here i am on my way to surgery. 
115- surgeon, whom I already know from mutual friends arrives to make sure I'm not nervous and tells me what's going to happen
200- surgery begins. I remember everything up to when they put the mask on me. I remember thinking I couldn't breathe right but I think my body was trying to fight through the induced sleep that was about to happen.
315- I'm awake and learn the procedure took 45 minutes. I think how amazing surgeons are. I am in no pain and I'm taken to the room where my mom is waiting and I will be staying in.
3-515- sleep
530-130pm I recover. I pee about thirty times and walk around the halls once. My nurses keep telling me because I'm pretty healthy to begin with, my recovery will be quicker.

I'm on an all liquid diet and this was my breakfast. I have to say I was kind of weirded out by the chicken broth but after not eating for almost 24 hours, anything tasted good. Apple juice is definitely my best friend nowadays. 

230- I am sent home. Since then I've been confined to my bed besides two short walks and two bathroom stops. I have been prescribed an antibiotic, 2 pain killers, and an anti nausea medicine. My bed and apple juice are my friends.

Remember to always listen to your body. My type of surgery is not something I could've controlled with my health, but because I know my body well from taking care of it correctly, I knew the pain I felt suggested something was wrong.

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  1. I love how you're lying in the hospital bed about to have surgery and SMILING?!