Thursday, September 8, 2011

lady in training

I don't consider myself a full on "lady" but I will admit that I am one in training. I have always admired the way a lady carries herself and lives her life. A woman strives to be respected in society and I completely understand where she is coming from.
However, I don't like it when a friend comes up to me to say how disrespectful a boy looked at her and as she is talking to me I notice how short her shorts are, her towering high heels, and the cleavage anyone can spot a mile away.
Let me tell you something: you can't put all the fault on a man. If you want to be treated a certain way, act and present yourself like it. Of course you still might get treatment from a man you would rather not have while dressing and acting like a lady, but I guarantee it happens a lot less.
Throughout the years I've been forming into my ladylike self, I've noticed there are some great tips to follow on your journey of finding the grace, confidence, and appearance a lady carries.

lady in training

1. Don't use the phrase "like" or  "you know."

2. Write to do lists. They will keep all your engagements in order.

3. Dress as if God and your mother were watching you. 
{{one of these two is guaranteed to be watching.}

4. Keep your word for the things you promise and are asked to do. 

5. Volunteer. There are too many people out there who need help.

6. Exercise and eat right. A lady respects others as much as she does her own body.

7.  Speak kindly and gently. Yes ladies, even when you're mad. 
{If you need to walk away for a second to cool off, do so!}

8. Believe the best in others and also yourself. 

9. Educate yourself and become a woman of accomplishment. 

10. No cursing. Zero, zilch, nada. 

Do you think these are hard to do? One isn't born a lady and it is a long process because not only do you need to learn all these rules and suggestions, but you also need to get to know yourself at the same time.  I believe it's a fun process, and definitely one that has great benefits. We need more ladies out there! There's a quote that states: 

I love being a lady. It's a full time job, but someone has to do it.

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