Saturday, September 10, 2011

on the bookshelf

I have a syndrome most of us have when it comes to reading. I bet you're familiar with it and you've had either a slight case of it or a blown out disease version. I call it the:

Conclusion Avoider

It's basically when you start reading a book, and for some reason or another, you don't finish it. You never reach the conclusion and you could care less what happens at the end. I've always had this on a high level, but recently since I finished a  book all the way to the last page, I've been reading books the whole way through and it feels nice! {I just realized I sound like I'm 7 and just finished my first chapter book}.
So, now that I'm actually fully reading books I decided to show you what I'm reading right now. I tend to read books that help me: call them self-help or whatever you wish. Since I started my MBA, all these books are business themed. Boring? A little. But, I have to catch up on the fact I didn't study the wonderful world of business for my undergrad. 
First, where they are located. I have my top books I'm reading sitting right in front of me as I'm typing. I gave them a special space on my desk as well as printed out this cute art print to always remind me to keep reading. I stare at it every time I'm on my laptop, which I'll admit is a lot. 

{please excuse the quality of these photos.}

"The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl"

"Business Words you Should Know" aka a dictionary with business terms

"Wisdom From the Ancients"
kind of a tough read. sad to admit.

Will I read all of these? Probably not due to the fact one of them is in dictionary form and that would just be boredom waiting to happen. 
 I thought I would let you in to something in my room that helps me stay focused, learn more knowledge, and keeps me calm. I've always recommended reading to everyone. I have my moments when I go months without reading, but I always pick it back up. As my art print says: "We read to know we are not alone."  great quote!

Do you turn to reading as a way to relax and learn? It's a great hobby and a good reason to never say you have nothing to do. There's all types and I know all of you have hobbies so check out or buy a book that deals with your hobby! 

The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who'll get me a book I ain't read. 
 - Abraham Lincoln

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